Scheduled Maintenance - July 19, 2009

Dear Customer,

This notification is to inform you of scheduled maintenance that may affect your ReliableSite service. Please reviewthe details of this notification to determine if it will affect yourservice.

Brief Description: Database Server Migration
Maintenance Start: July 19, 2009 9:00 PM EST
Maintenance End: July 29, 2009 9:00 AM EST
Customers Effected: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Databases on DB1 (,14333 /
Impact: High

Full Description:

Atapproximately 9:00PM on July 19, 2009, we will be performing serviceaffecting maintenance at our LGA1 (325 Hudson St, New York, NY)location. As discussed in prior notices the database server has beenexperiencing intermittant issues due to hardware limitations. Thismaintenance is to move customer databases to a new server with over 10times the hardware capacity and increase service quality and uptime.During this period, customer databases will be available both on theold and new database servers. Customers will be required to change theconnection string of their databases to point to a new SQL Serverinstance. Both servers will be available and customers will be able tosyncronize the latest version of their database to the new SQL Serverinstance on demand by using a web based tool. At approximately 9:00AMon July 29th, 2009 all Microsoft SQL Server 2005 databases on208.68.171.118,14333 / will no longer be accessible. Fullinstructions on migration, including the new connection address will beprovided on July 19, 2009.

At approximately 12:00PM on July 29th, 2009 the statistics server will be accessible.

Weapologize for any inconvenience this maintenance may cause andappreciate your patience as we continue to improve our serving platform.

Please direct any comments or questions to us at

Thank You

ReliableSite.Net LLC