UPDATED: ReliableSite.Net Notification - Network Outage - April 21, 2010

ReliableSite.Net Notification - Network Outage - April 21, 2010

Dear Customer,

This notification is to provide you with full information regarding a network outage event that occurred at approximately 11:40PM EST and lasted until approximately 12:20PM EST. Please review the details of this notification if you experienced any interruption in service.

Brief Description: DDOS Attack Targetted to RSNET4
Outage Start: Apr 21, 2010 11:40PM EST
Service Restored: Apr 22, 20091 2:20AM EST
Impact: High

Full Description:

At approximately 11:40AM EST on April 21, 2010, we experienced a DDOS attack on RSNET4. This attack caused network accessibility issues to all shared, clustered, and reseller customers. The attack was blocked and normal service was restored at approximately 12:20AM EST.

This outage affected shared, reseller, and clustered customers in our NY datacenter. Currently all customers on the RSNET4 cluster will experience no accessibility until the attack subsides. UPDATE: All customers on RSNET4 / Clusterer3 should now have full access to their web sites, please contact sales@reliablesite.net for 1 full month of hosting credit. 

We apologize for any inconvenience that this outage may have caused you. If you are still experiencing degraded service, or have any other questions or comments, please direct them to us at support@reliablesite.net.

Thank You,

ReliableSite.Net LLC
Network Operations Center