Emergency Maintenance - October 9th, 2019 - Device Recovery

This notification is to inform you of emergency maintenance that may affect your ReliableSite service. Please review the details of this notification to determine how it will affect your service. (all times US eastern).
       Event Type: Core Device Recovery
       Start Time: 16:30 October 9, 2019
       End Time: 18:00 October 9, 2019
       Location(s): New York City metro
       Device(s): Core Router
       Client Affecting: Yes
Event Summary: A critical system error has been detected with one our core devices. We will perform recovery on the core routing device. This process will take roughly 15 - 30 minutes to complete, but may exceed this time estimate. While we will take precaution to re-route all traffic through redundant devices to avoid downtime, there is still risk of temporarily network unavailability and preparations have been made to restore systems as quickly as possible in the event that unavailability will occur.
If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact us at https://support.reliablesite.net.