Scheduled Maintenance - November 17th, 2018 - Network Upgrade

Dear ReliableSite Client,
You are receiving this message regarding an important maintenance window (all times US eastern).
       Event Type: Network Upgrade
       Start Time: 2018-Nov-17 - 03:00:00 PM EST (15:00)
       End Time: 2018-Nov-18 - 03:00:00 AM EST (03:00)
       Location(s): Miami, Florida Data Center 
Event Summary: We will be migrating one or more of your servers to our new network in Miami, Florida. We do not expect downtime to last the entire maintenance period.
Important information:
  • Your IP address will not change, but you will be required to update the gateway and subnet mask. This update can be performed via the IPMI interface or by one of our systems administrators. If you would like us to perform this change on your behalf, please provide login credentials to your OS within this ticket. We recommend creating a new account within the OS, then removing the account after the migration.
  • One ticket will be generated per server migrated. This migration has been split out into phases, you may have already had servers migrated previously. This is the final phase of the migration.
  • Server data will remain intact and untouched. The server will simply be disconnected, moved to a different rack and reconnected.
  • We will notify you through this ticket once the migration has been completed. The more information you can provide us prior to the migration, the faster we can assist with getting your services back online.
  • If we are announcing IP space for you, we will need an updated LOA for AS23470.
Updating the subnet mask or gateway prior to the migration will cause your server to be inaccessible over the internet. The gateway and subnet mask can be updated through the IPMI interface or by one of our systems administrators after the migration for your server has been completed.
If you are running virtual machines on your dedicated server, please contact us. There are additional steps that you must take prior to the migration.
If you have any questions regarding this notice, please reply back directly to this ticket at