Accessing the Dedicated Server API

The API is available to both end users and resellers to manage their dedicated servers programmatically. 
Please report any bugs to We offer a bounty of $1000 for critical vulnerabilities (major data leaks from API calls).
To access the API, login to the dedicated server control panel.
1. Click the "API Access" menu from the left hand menu.
2. Add 1 or more IPs where you expect to access the API from - 1 IP per line.
3. Click "Enable"
4. Copy the API key provided. 
5. Visit to test the API access. 
6. Expand "/Login/Token" click "Try it out"
7. Enter your API Key in the "ApiKey" text box and click "Execute"
8. If the correct API key was provided and matched the source IP address, a token will be returned. 
9. Copy the token, click "Authorize" and in the value text box enter "Bearer token" (no quotes, replace the word token with the token you just copied). Click "Authorize". Click "Close"
10. Expand "/Login/VerifyToken", click "Try It Out", and click "Execute". If the token was entered correctly, the response should be "Token is valid" along with a timestamp when it expires.
The remaining functions are now available.

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