Unraid Install on ASROCK

****Unraid USB can only be installed using Local Laptop.. You can not send ticket to India for Unraid Install as it does not work remote ***
When installing Unraid on any ASrock MB there are a couple steps that need to be done.. First a blank USB is needed as the Unraid that customers have been requesting gets installed on the USB and not on an internal Drive in the server.
- On local PC, Download Unraid.USB 
- Insert USB Into lapotp and then Run the program
- Download the latest Unraid ISO (currently 6.10.3)
- Select Stable and the ISO downloaded. 
- On the Right side select "Customize"  Enter the static IP of the customer server /Gateway/and DNS
- Click on Write
Once the OS have been installed on the USB place the USB into customers server..
- Open KVM then follow the below steps
- Click on SETTINGS, 
- Media Redirect Settings
- Vmedia Instances
Change  Floppy Device to 0
Change CD/DVD Device Instances to 1
Change Hard disk Instances to 1
- Click on Save
This is the only way the server will be able to boot from the Unraid OS on the USB

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