How to Run a MTR

If you are experiencing a connection issue between you, a ReliableSite server, and/or another server a MTR(My Traceroute) can be very useful in assisting in a diagnosis. A MTR provides information such as ping, and hops between network nodes. A MTR from both ends of the 'connection' would be best. 
eg. You are experiencing an issue connecting to your server from your home. An MTR provided from your home to the server, and from the server to your home would be helpful. 
MTR for Linux users:

In Ubuntu/Debian:  apt-get -y install mtr
In RHEL/CentOS: yum install mtr -y
Run MTR: mtr -rwc 100 <IP Address>
MTR for Windows users:
Download and run WinMTR from the web. 
Note: We would advise to disable the OS level firewall when running an MTR as the firewall may block inbound connection requests resulting in reduced accuracy.
In the event that you are unable to access the server, our support department can access your server for you to run the MTR on the server. However, our support department may require administrator level access to your server as well as the IP address you are trying to connect from. If you use a VPN this should be disabled as it can cause connection errors. 
In general, the more packets that are sent via the MTR, the better the 'image' that is presented. However a minimum of 50-100 packets should be enough.

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