Getting Started with the Inventory Sync WHMCS Module

A module to sync your WHMCS inventory with the latest products, pricing, and quantity is available to dedicated server resellers.
Download Link:
Release Notes (Please read if upgrading from a previous version): Inventory Sync WHMCS Module Release Notes
Installation Instructions:
  1. Backup your database! This module adds and modifies products in your WHMCS installation. It has been extensively tested, but all data modifications processes carry risks of corruption or loss. ReliableSite takes no responsibility and this module is provided free of charge with no guarantees. 
  2. Unzip the within your WHMCS root directory.
  3. Within WHMCS, click "Setup" > "Addon Modules"
  4. Click "Activate"
You can now access the module through "Addons" > "ReliableSite Inventory Sync".
Module Configuration:
  • Under the "Config" tag, you can exclude products from being imported/synced by selecting one or more products. The price adjustment option allows you to automatically increase or decrease list pricing from our web site pricing by a specific percentage - leaving it blank will list the same prices on our web site. 
  • The "Logs" tab shows a history of imports.
  • The "Manual Sync" tab allows you to run the synchronize process manually versus using the available cron job. We recommend running the cron job at least once a day to update available inventory.
Please contact support at with any questions or issues that you may run into.

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