Loyalty Rewards FAQ

What are loyalty rewards?
The loyalty rewards program allows customers to earn free hardware upgrades for existing services. Rewards are associated with products/services and not customer accounts. Each product accumulates its own rewards.
How do I earn loyalty rewards points?
Points are awarded after a product renews. The amount of points awarded depends on the renewal cost of the product/service. Each dollar awards 1 loyalty reward point.
Can loyalty reward points be transferred between products or customers?
Loyalty rewards cannot be transferred between products/services and customers. Any earned rewards can only be redeemed toward the product/service that earned the points.
What happens to unused points associated with a specific product/service after it is canceled?
Any unused points associated with a product/service will be forfeited. 
Can I cancel an upgrade redeemed with points and return my point balance?
Upgrades redeemed with points have no cash or point value. Any downgrades are non-redeemable for cash/credits/points. 
Can points be used to reduce the cost of existing product/service by redeeming points for similar hardware?
Points cannot be used to reduce the cost/value of a product/service. Any downgrades performed will remove upgrades made by using points first.

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