Getting Started with the WHMCS Module for Dedicated Server Resellers

A WHMCS module is available to dedicated server resellers, which offers the majority of functionality available from within our dedicated server control panel.
Download Link:
Release Notes (Please read if upgrading from a previous version)WHMCS Module Release Notes
Installation Instructions:
  1. Unzip the within your WHMCS root directory.
  2. Within WHMCS, click "Setup" > "Addon Modules"
  3. Click "Activate"
  4. Click "Configure"
  5. Retrieve your API key and API password. Enter it into the fields and click "Save Changes"
You can now access the module through "Addons" > "ReliableSite Server Reseller".
Important: You must have the PHP SOAP extension enabled.
To Enable PHP SOAP:
  1. Locate php.ini in your apache bin folder, I.e Apache/bin/php.ini
  2. Remove the ; from the beginning of extension=php_soap.dll
  3. Restart your Apache server
Please contact support at with any questions or issues that you may run into.

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