Getting Started as a Dedicated Server Reseller

ReliableSite offers one of the most convenient and simplest dedicated server reseller programs available. Once approved as a reseller, you will receive the following benefits and features:
  • Customize our dedicated server control panel with your own branding.
  • Create users within our control panel for your customers to access and manage their own servers.
  • Extended cancellation period.
  • Priority server setup.
  • Access to our WHMCS Modules
Branding the Dedicated Server Control Panel​

The dedicated server control panel can be branded with a theme matching the reseller's web site. To setup custom branding, please follow these instructions:
  1. Login to the dedicated server control panel.
  2. Click "Reseller Preferences" from within the left hand menu.
  3. Fill in the "Panel URL" with the URL your customer will use to access the panel. Make sure to exclude the http://. If the URL contains the http://, the branding will not show up.
  4. Create an A record pointing to the IP listed in the reseller preferences.
  5. Fill in the "Head Template", "Header Template", and "Footer Template" with the HTML matching your site's theme.
  6. Click "Save Changes"
  7. Access the dedicated panel using your custom panel URL. The branding will now show up when accessing the panel with that URL. If you do not see any header or footer, make sure you removed http:// from the panel URL within the reseller preferences configuration.
Reseller Order Process
Due to a high fraud and spam rate in the dedicated server industry, the order process will require manual intervention by a reseller.
  1. A customer orders a dedicated server off of the reseller's web site.
  2. The reseller will manually review the order for accuracy, fraud, and spam/abuse. We recommend integrating FraudRecord into your audit process in addition to your standard methods. FraudRecord is a completely free tool and acts much like a review platform for potential and existing customers.
  3. The reseller will order the dedicated server from our web site.
  4. Once the dedicated server has been setup, it will be assigned to the reseller within the dedicated server control panel.
  5. The reseller can create a user with the dedicated server control panel for the reseller's customer to access.
  6. The dedicated server can be re-assigned to the reseller's customer.
Reseller Pricing
Resellers receive special pricing on all servers. Pricing is only available on new orders and cannot be applied toward existing servers. To take advantage of pricing on existing servers, a server can be canceled and re-ordered with the discount.
  1. Login to the dedicated server control panel.
  2. Click the "Reseller Pricing" menu link from the left hand side.
  3. When ordering a new server, you must login to the billing portal and have active reseller status prior to ordering. The discounts will not apply to accounts without this status.

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