Service - Bandwidth Management

The functionality that make up this service and the functions that can be called.
Get bandwidth details for a server assigned to a user.
Function: GetBandwidthDetails (parameter1, parameter2, parameter3)
Input Parameter Type Description
UserApiKey String User with permissions to call this web service.
UserApiPassword  String User’s password of the user used in UserApiKey parameter.
ServerId Integer  The server id.
Returns: BandwidthDetailsInfoResult
Field Type Description
Message String A text message explaining the results of the operation, including the reason for any failures.
Result Boolean Returns true if the function call was successful.
Result_Code Int32 A result code, which differs by function.
BandwidthDetails  Bandwidth_Details  Details of the server’s bandwidth, as defined in the Bandwidth_Details class.
Object - Bandwidth_Details
Field Type Description
Server_Id Integer The server Id.
Bandwidth_Used String The bandwidth used by the server.
Bandwidth_Allowed  String The bandwidth allowed for the server.
HourGraph_URL String The URL for the hour graph.
DayGraph_URL String The URL for the day graph.
MonthGraph_URL Integer The URL for the month graph.
YearGraph_URL Integer  The URL for the year graph.

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