Private/Masked Nameservers for rDNS lookup
Idea shared by Vijay - June 19 at 5:17 PM
Great service by you guys, but it's not a boon for resellers as the customers tend to go away directly to you within 2-3 months as they know where this server is coming from and they can get better price.
There are many giveaways, including one mentioned in Subject. You do a PTR lookup to the IP and ns*.reliablesite.net is serving the record. You could have a private looking domain for this purpose, like other providers do, for example KnownHost brands it as PrivateSystem.org etc. DEfault rDNS records could also be ending in this kind of anonymous domain.
Just an Idea.

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Radic D. Replied
June 20 at 9:14 AM
Employee Post
Thank you for the suggestion, we'll make the changes asap to further accommodate resellers. 

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