Creating Hosting Plan Products

Creating Hosting Plan Products

Ecommerce Admin - Hosting Plans

Here you can pull up your storefront with the hosting plans you would like to sell. In order to create new hosting plan product click “Create Hosting Plan” button then you’ll be redirected to create hosting plan screen.


Please find fields description below:

Hosting Plan – hosting plan that will be assigned to the product to be created; If this list is empty then you need to create hosting plans first;

Initial Status – initial status of purchased hosting plan product;

Domain Option – sets the domain option display settings;

Product SKU –product stock keeping unit code;

Plan Intends For – which user groups will purchase this hosting plan (customers or resellers);

Plan Status – specifies hosting plan product availability to purchase;

Hosting Plan Description – description of the hosting plan product (can contain HTML as well as plain text);

Plan Billing Cycles – available billing cycles that can be assigned to the product; select one appropriate to the product and click “Add Cycle” button once cycle item will appear in the list you need to specify setup fee, recurring fee and 2CO id (if applicable);
Product Highlights – this area is intended to create hosting plan product highlights that will be displayed when customers browse your storefront catalog. For example: 250MB Diskspace, Free WebMail Access or something similar that helps your customers to make their choice. To add hosting plan highlight type text to highlight into the field and click "Add Highlight" button to add highlight in list. To delete hosting plan highlight use "Delete" button in the highlights list. To flip product highlights display order use “Up” and “Down” buttons in the highlights list;

Categories Assigned – list of categories you created. You can assign as much categories to the hosting plan as you need. If you wish to assign product with category tick related checkbox on, in case if you wish to remove product from category tick checkbox off. Please note that this checkbox removes product only from category not from storefront inventory. After you've completed product with categories assignment click "Save Hosting Plan" button to save changes;

Once you’ve completed all fields on the screen click “Create Hosting Plan” button then you’ll be redirected to the Hosting Plans page.

In order to edit a particular hosting plan product please click on the product name in Hosting Plans page then you’ll be redirected to the edit hosting plan product screen.

Once you’ve completed all fields on the screen click “Save Hosting Plan” button to save changes. In case if you need to delete this product click “Delete Hosting Plan” button.

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