Creating Hosting Addon Products

Creating Hosting Addon Products

Ecommerce Admin - Hosting Add-Ons

Here you can pull up your storefront with the hosting add-ons you would like to sell in conjunction with hosting plans. In order to create new hosting add-on product click “Create Hosting Add-on” button then you’ll be redirected to create hosting add-on screen. See sample screenshot below:



Please find fields description below:

Hosting Add-on - hosting add-on that will be assigned to the product to be created; If this list is empty then you need to create hosting add-ons first (Guide Link here);

Product SKU –product stock keeping unit code;

Dummy Add-on – specifies whether add-on is dummy or no; here means that dummy add-ons are just empty entities that can be purchased by your customers;

Recurring Add-On – specifies whether add-on is recurring or no;

Show Quantity (Storefront) – specifies whether add-on is countable and customer can purchase more than 1 item at once;

Add-on Status - specifies hosting add-on product availability to purchase;

Hosting Add-on Description – description of the hosting add-on product (can contain HTML as well as plain text);

Addon Billing Cycles – available billing cycles that can be assigned to the product; select one appropriate to the product and click “Add Cycle” button once cycle item will appear in the list you need to specify setup fee, recurring fee and 2CO id (if applicable);

Assigned Products – list of the products that can be extended with this add-on;

Once you’ve completed all fields on the screen click “Save Add-on” button then you’ll be redirected to the Hosting Add-ons page.

In order to edit a particular hosting add-on product please click on the product name in Hosting Add-ons page then you’ll be redirected to the edit hosting add-on product screen.

Once you’ve completed all fields on the screen click “Save Add-On” button to save changes. In case if you need to delete this product click “Delete” button.

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