Configuring Miscellaneous and Automation Settings

Configuring Miscellaneous and Automation Settings

Ecommerce Settings - Currency/Invoice Format/SSL/Automation


Please find below description for each particular field on this screen.

Base Currency - the base currency for the reseller’s storefront. Current version of Ecommerce doesn't support to use multiple currencies within single storefront;

Secure Payments – this option allows you to specify whether an SSL should be used for payment pages (turn this option on only if you have SSL certificate installed for this website);

Invoice Number Format – here you can specify what invoice number format would you like to display when customer submit an order.
The following variables can be used here:
yyyy – resolves as full year, for example 2007;
yy – resolves as short year, for example 07 (2007);
MM – resolves as month number, for example 05;
dd – resolves as day number, for example 25;
[ID] – resolves as invoice id, for example 58;

Let’s consider an example invoice number format: DNP-yyyy/MM/dd # [ID] will be compiled as DNP-2007/05/25#58.

Invoice Grace Period (in days) – a period in days during an invoice can left unpaid starting from the services expiration date before it will be suspended;

Let’s consider an example:  we have an invoice to be created with 3 services expiring at 11/02/2007, invoice grace period is 2 days so the invoice will be suspended at 13/02/2007 (services expire date + grace period = suspension date).

Service Invoice Threshold (in days) – a period in days when customer should be invoiced before his services expired;

Service Cancel Threshold (in days) – a period in days when customer services should be cancelled starting from services suspend date;

Once you specified all settings click “Save” button.

Ecommerce Settings - Terms and Conditions


This page allows you to edit and modify HTML template for your Terms and Conditions statement which each customer should agree when do order checkout.

Once you specified statement text click “Save” button.

Ecommerce Settings - Storefront Welcome Message


This page allows you to edit storefront welcome message HTML template which displays on your storefront main page.

Once you specified welcome message text click “Save” button.

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