URL Rewriting

URL Rewriting

This feature is available on all servers using the the options below. 
  • URL Rewrite Module

    URL Rewriter module available from Microsoft on all IIS7 / Windows Server 2008 hosting plans. This module is only supported on Windows Server 2008. Windows Server 2003 plans must use the IIRF filter. 

  • IIRF Filter

    This ISAPI filter emulates mod_rewrite to rewrite URLs in any ASP, ASP.Net, and PHP application. To enable this functionality please open a support ticket and request the IIRF filter to be installed on your domain, note that it will need to be installed on each domain you need this feature on.

    After the install is completed two additional files will be added to your wwwroot directory, IsapiRewrite4.dll and IsapiRewrite4.ini. Both of these files are required for this functionality and cannot be deleted or renamed as it will render the web site unusable. All rewrite rules must be placed in the IsapiRewrite4.ini file.

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